Norbert Kricke – BMovement in Space

From 18 November 2022, the exhibition on the 3rd floor will honour Norbert Kricke as an exceptional artist. Norbert Kricke, who provided groundbreaking impulses for art in the Federal Republic of Germany after 1945 and whose works have not lost their dynamism to this day. In addition to the outstanding sculptures from three decades of his work, numerous drawings are also on display.

18 November 2022 until 27 August 2023

Norbert Kricke has provided art with groundbreaking impulses since 1945. Until today, his
works have lost none of their dynamism. This year, the artist and former rector of the
Düsseldorf Art Academy turned 100 years old. On this occasion, the museum honours
Küppersmühle in cooperation with the Freundeskreis Norbert Kricke e.V. the artist with the
Special exhibition “Movement in Space”, which will be on show from 18 November on the upper floor of the
MKM new building is presented.

Around 40 spatial sculptures from three decades will be on display. A special emphasis lies
on the late work of the years 1975-1984. Also on display will be graphic
works up to his last drawings, the unique “Schlussstrichen”.
While Kricke’s first works in the 1940s still used the formal language of the classical
figurative sculptures, the artist – standing in the spirit of the Informel – found his way to the
1950s in the filigree, flexible wire frame quickly found its true plastic form.
This was a means of design to which he was to remain artistically faithful from then on. His radical departure from the
classical concept of sculpture was shaped by his interest in the representation of space
and time. Thus he postulates in 1954: “My problem is not mass, is not figure, but it is the
Space and it is the movement – space and time.”

Instead of using compact mass volumes of materials such as marble, stone and bronze to create a
to form a closed surface and thus to displace the space, Norbert
Kricke after an artistic unity of sculpture, space and movement, and not as a
image of the real, but as a primary experience. So are the lines that are bundled,
curved, overlapping, exploring the pictorial space, always open to it. –
With each approach to Kricke’s “spatial sculptures”, they offer the visitor new opportunities for confrontation and
Experiential opportunities, both visual and conceptual.

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