LIVE AGAIN! Küppersmühle Museum reopened on 6 May

Since 6 May 2020, the MKM Museum Küppersmühle and the current exhibition BECHTOLD have been open to visitors again after the temporary closure due to corona.Museum Küppersmühle open again since 6 May

In the past few weeks, we have let you experience the BECHTOLD exhibition and the collection of the MKM Museum Küppersmühle virtually and were very pleased with the great response to our digital offerings. THE MKM IS NOW LIVE AGAIN: SINCE 6 MAY, THE MUSEUM HAS OPENED ITS DOORS TO VISITORS.

We are particularly pleased to present visitors with the large retrospective of paintings by Erwin Bechtold, who celebrated his 95th birthday on 12 April and is still in the studio almost every day.NOW THE MKM IS LIVE AGAIN: SINCE 6 MAY THE MUSEUM HAS OPENED ITS DOORS TO VISITORS AGAIN. We had to close the exhibition immediately after it opened. Until 24 May, there is still an opportunity to experience the works in the original. We had to close the exhibition immediately after the opening.

The Ströher Collection with works by Joseph Beuys, K.O. Götz, Anselm Kiefer, Markus Lüpertz, Gerhard Richter, Emil Schumacher, Günther Uecker and many others has also been open again since 6 May.


The current usual restrictions and rules for public life naturally also apply when visiting the museum. The MKM provides comprehensive protection for visitors and staff. We ask you to consider the following hygiene and protection measures:

  • Keep a minimum distance of 1.50 m from the next person and avoid forming groups.
  • Masks are compulsory. Please bring your own mouth-nose covering.
  • Further information is available on site or in advance on T +49 (0)203 30 19 48 -11.

We look forward to your visit!